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4 new reasons to go to Ordu

There are many reasons to visit Ordu at any time of the year, which has become an open-air museum by decorating the beauty of the Black Sea with thousands of years of human labor. Now new ones have been added to them. The city will now be one of the first places that come to mind for adventure and excitement seekers.

Big Tourism

There is a massive tourism drive underway. The goal is to attract more people to Ordu, one of the rising stars of tourism with its nature, history, food, and many other attractions. Successful work in this direction is carried out one after the other, opening up new areas of interest in tourism.
Those works in the field of tourism are preparing Ordu for the future, according to Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler. The mayor, who stresses they are working intensively to bring highland tourism to the forefront, has launched balloon tourism, the first in Black Sea plateau tourism, which is applied in a few cities, especially Cappadocia.
He says, “We do not want to hold these beauties in our hands, but we wish the whole world to have a chance to view them.” Here are a few new beauties waiting for visitors in Ordu…
A new color for plateau tourism: Balloon Emphasizing that balloon tours are a new tourism alternative, Mayor Güler said, “Now we will watch the magnificent meanders of the Aybastı district’s Perşembe Plateau from the balloon.
This will also bring us enormous gains. It will also enable the world to share and recognize these beauties ”. Noting that they want to diversify tourism, Mayor Güler said, “We have now identified hiking routes as well as caravan tourism and bicycle tourism. We have determined 155 points in our army related to this; Routes have been created. As you know, we have not only plateaus but canyons and waterfalls.
There is a situation of trekking around here. At the same time, we color and diversify tourism with the canoe. Our army with both the sportive side of the business, the tourism aspect and also the promotional activities, We introduce our country to the world, thus, our Black Sea. “We share these beauties not only, but also with the world,” he says.

New excitement paragliding

In Ordu, known as the hazelnut capital of the Black Sea, paragliding is becoming more common with each passing day. 500 altitude Boztepe from the Black Sea views and professional pilots accompanied on the flight to enjoy çıkarıyor. türkiye hundreds of parachuting enthusiasts from the Army in various provinces all the colors of hundreds of parachuting enthusiasts from the military nature to enjoy, making paragliding in Boztepe in the 500-meter-high for minutes It can tour over the Ordu and the Black Sea. Underlining that the number of paragliders in Ordu is increasing every year, Mayor Güler says: “Paragliding sport is done in mountainous areas and far from settlements in the world. But, paragliding in Ordu is done right next to the city, from Boztepe, which is 500 meters high, which can be reached by cable car. Also, addition, flying over the sea gives a different excitement. We can say that the army is one of the most ideal places for paragliding. “

Skiing pleasure 

Çambaşı Plateau Çambaşı Winter Sports and Ski Center in Çambaşı Plateau at 2.000 altitudes in Ordu is getting ready to be one of the facilities that make a name with the investments made. Çambaşı Nature Plants Turkey is the closest ski resort to the sea and to the airport, started to serve for the winter season. In Ordu, significant investments were made in the ski center to keep tourism alive not only for 3 months but for 12 months, while 12 bungalows were built in pine trees for a romantic winter holiday. In order to revive ski tourism, the number of ski slopes has been increased from 5 to 14 km, while the length of 5 km of ski runs has been increased to 15 km. The Çambaşı Ski Center, which has been renovated by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality with its infrastructure and superstructure such as new sled areas, 100-meter moving band for beginner skiers, snow tube, ATV, snow motor, restaurant-buffet, continues to work for a 5-star hotel.
Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that although the work at the ski center continues, they started to serve this year and said: “Çambaşı Plateau, which is 58 kilometers away from Altınordu district, has natural beauty and features for tourism both in summer and winter. Our ski center in our plateau makes it a more attractive place. With the investments we made in 2020, our facility has been further enlarged and enriched. Our local and foreign tourists, who want to have fun and get their share of the beauty of nature, will have a more modern and comfortable holiday this year with the work done. Almost renewed from head to toe Çambaşı our Ski brought to a position to compete with other ski resorts in Turkey and even in the world.

Hoyt Island

Hoyt Island, which is more beautiful than its counterparts on the Italian and French coasts, in Ordu’s Persembe district, has become a tourism center visited by hundreds of people every day after the landscaping made by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Hoyt Island took on a completely different identity with the construction of the observation terrace and wooden steps descending to the beach, seating groups, railing, and observation binoculars by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. The area, which is visited by hundreds of people every day and enjoys watching, is also one of the two regions where crested cormorants are nesting and is home to many bird species. Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler describes the work on the island as follows:
“All parts of our army are beautiful. We started to work after the determinations and planning we made before. At this point, our calm city, Persembe district, has gained a new attraction center. Our citizens who come here both spend their time in a modern area and get the opportunity to see the birds on the island closer thanks to binoculars. This was an amazing place. There are places like this on the coasts of Italy and France, but this is more beautiful than there. As we said before, we fulfill what we have said and promised, and we continue to do so. So, we will make every part of Ordu into the service of our people and an alternative source of income by processing like a ballot. “

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