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All About Walking Lillehammer, Norway

If you are interested in visiting Lillehammer, you have come to the right place. Here are all the essential travel tips you need before visiting the beautiful city of Lillehammer, Norway.

About the City of Lillehammer

Lillehammer is a beautiful city in southeastern Norway – many remember the name Lillehammer from the 1994 Winter Olympics. Today, Lillehammer attracts tourists every year for outdoor activities and relaxing near nature in Lake Mjøsa. There are many sporting events each year, especially in February and March.

Things to Do & Attractions in Lillehammer

Lillehammer Summer: You can go fishing on the Mesna River – Hiking is also very popular here. Visit the open Maihaugen museum. In Hafjell, you will find family activities and then there is the Water Forest. Storgata Street belongs to the famous shopping area of ​​Lillehammer. Business hours here are Mon – Fri 9-5, Sat 10-4.

Winter in Lillehammer? Many features, what else would you like to expect from real life in Norway? Activities in and around this city are plentiful and go every year, especially during the winter months.

So what can you do here? To start, go skiing like everyone else, or try sledding dogs, sleigh sleads, Hunderfossen Winterpark (winter amusement park), Luge List in Hunderfossen, Lysgårdsbakkene ski skiing, ice fishing, and much more. Ski buses connect Lillehammer to Hafjell and Nordseter / Sjusjoen ski areas. Many buses leave the city center about every 30 minutes for nearby attractions.

Also be sure to bring your camera on your Lillehammer tour, as this city is a great destination for travel.

How to Get Lillehammer

Most travelers travel to Lillehammer by flying to Oslo and then by train or bus to Lillehammer. The train leaves one hour from Oslo, and the drive to Lillehammer takes 2 hours. Lillehammer Skysstasjon is the main terminal for buses, trains, and taxi cabs.

You can also move to Lillehammer by following the E6 highway in Norway (from Oslo is a two-hour drive, from Trondheim is 4 hours). The Lillehammer Tourist Information Office is located at the train station.

The distance is not far from this city, so you can reach many places on foot.

Accommodation in Lillehammer

The Radisson SAS Hotel (4 star) in Lillehammer is the city’s most popular hotel, and was the official pride hotel of the Olympic Games. Central area, and a large private park near the school and school runners.

The first Breiseth Hotel is located in the center of Lillehammer, near Olympia Park and the main terminal. It is a modern 3-star hotel that can get regular jobs due to the central location and reasonable prices.

The Molla Hotel near Lillehammer is an excellent choice for affordable accommodation. This 2 star hotel out of town is very beautiful with lots of rustic charm, giving the history of an old romantic mill. It is a natural and friendly place.

Especially if you want to visit during the winter months, I would highly recommend your hotel in the city or around several months before making sure the night rate and access to the date you are looking for.

If you are interested in visiting Lillehammer over the Christmas holidays, keep in mind that you need to write even earlier! But it’s always important to try to find a last-minute room if someone else had to cancel – don’t rely on it.

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