Are the defendants in the case of ISIS Imbaba students of Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub?.. His son answers ن

Sheikh Alaa Al-Din, son of Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub , the Islamic preacher, said that his father is sick, yet he will go to court tomorrow, to testify in the case known in the media as the “ISIS Imbaba case”, pointing out that he did not go during the previous two times to testify at the request of court, due to his poor health.

Muhammed Hussain Yaqoub

Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub’s son continued, saying: “He will be prejudiced against himself and he will be harassed. The issue is simple, and the media has expanded the process, especially the incorrect wording of some newspapers, as some newspapers published positions that the court orders the arrest of Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub in the ISIS case. The news is wrong and the right to testify.” .

The case of ISIS Imbaba

In response to a question about whether the defendants in the case of ISIS Imbaba were students of Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub, Sheikh Alaa Al-Din, son of the preacher, said, “Impossible,” stressing that they are not his father’s students.

Regarding his health condition , especially since he posted a video on his official YouTube page about a week ago, the son of Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub said, “Yes, he films the episodes in his home, and he does not need effort or movement,” explaining that filming the episodes that he broadcasts on his channel, does not need Effort such as going to court and testify.

Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub and Muhammad Hassanمحمد

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub will appear before the Fifth Circuit of Terrorism at the State Security Criminal Court, emergency, headed by Counselor Muhammad Al-Saeed Al-Sherbiny, held in the Tora Courts Complex, in implementation of the court’s decision last Saturday, to testify in Case No. 271 of 2021 State Security Crimes Emergency Section Imbaba, which is registered under No. 370 of Supreme State Security Felonies, known in the media as the “ISIS Imbaba cell”, in compliance with the court’s decision in the case known in the media as the “ISIS Imbaba case”, where a request was made to hear the testimony of Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub and Sheikh Muhammad Hassan, and their discussion of the thought and approach that they Follow him, before the court.

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