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Basic packing list for a trip 20 tips by GLobelar

Traveling, vacation, the long anticipation wonderful. However, just before the trip you are often very busy with all kinds of things to arrange. Who takes care of the flowers? Etc. And then think about what you want / need to take with you on a trip.

I’ll give you a short list of (for me) the 20 most important things to bring. Of course everyone has different wishes and needs, so you can delete and / or add something.

  1. Backpack or suitcase For a longer trip with more nights, a backpack is great. Always your hands free to get in and out. Look something up on your phone, etc. I have Osprey. Super strong material.
  2. A daypack. I use it for hand luggage on the plane. At the destination as a bag for a day trip or even for a tour with 1 overnight stay. (superdry with laptop compartment)
  3. Packing cubes. Very handy to pack your clothes, etc. in various packaging bags. I have them in different colors and sizes. That way I find everything easy and fast. Packing the backpack is also super fast. The small one for underwear / socks. The big one for jeans and dress etc. (Osprey in all colors and sizes)
  4. Travel adapter. In other countries they have different plugs. With this travel adapter you have almost every country covered in terms of volts.
  5. Earplugs (troublemakers) and eye mask. Good to sleep better.
  6. Micro fiber towels. Super light and quick drying. Available in different sizes. I have 2 large and 1 small. For beach, pool and just shower and hands and face.
  7. Scarf + cap + hat. Scarf against the cold also as a blanket. It also brightens up your clothes. Flip over from the sun over burnt skin. The scarf is also to dress / cover for a temple or mosque, Cap and hat both against sun and rain or a bad haircut.
  8. Money belt / money belt. I only use this on the real travel days. All my valuable possessions organized in one place. Passport, ticket, vaccination booklet, bank card, credit card (I keep it in my bra!), Money, etc.
  9. Flashlight. Handy in a remote location with no electricity. Looking for a lock in the dark. Finding your bed / toilet / bag / clothes in the dark.
  10. Clasps. Locks for your backpack and suitcase. Also for the closet in a dormitory. Take the one with a flexible longer loop. That saves frustration. Combination lock the keys are much too small.
  11. Toiletry bag with a hook. This way you hang your toiletry bag on a door or door handle when there is no space. You don’t want to put it on the ground.
  12. Shoes. I travel with hiking boots, sandals and sneakers / sneakers. Hiking boots are big and heavy, so I wear on travel days.
  13. Wind / rain jacket. Often super light and wrinkle free. This jacket catches a lot of wind and also protects you against the cold.
  14. Pocket knife. I rarely use this but those times I needed it I was super happy with it. Scissors are especially useful.
  15. A day cream with sun protection.
  16. Sunscreen and insect cream or spray.
  17. Water bottle. Handy for on a plane. But also on a day out, tour etc.
  18. Cable pouch / cable organizer. All cables clearly arranged in a bag. No more searching and no more tangled cables.
  19. E-reader. So nice and lighter than a book. And / or something else to entertain you games, magazines, Netflix subscription.
  20. Sunglasses and in my case reading glasses.

And don’t forget: Your good mood for a nice trip.
This is really the basic list with many things that are often forgotten. In the make a list for your hand luggage and toilet bag.

Let’s discover the world.

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