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The Best Places to Travel in 2022 by Lonely Planet

We continue to take care of your plans for 2022. Edition of Lonely Planet regularly compiles a list of the best places to travel in this year. The list includes ten countries, ten cities, ten regions and ten budget places. The choice is made by experts and authors of the publication, as well as subscribers in social networks.

We have translated this list for you – you can take it not as a direct guide to action, but as a source of additional ideas and inspiration. Many of these places will be cultural capitals in 2020 or will celebrate their own anniversaries, so you can see them in full dress. And when compiling the list, the publication paid attention to the environmental friendliness and sustainability of tourism in each item.

Top 10 Countries to Travel in 2022

1. Bhutan

A tiny slice of Himalayan paradise lays claim to the location of Shangrila and has a policy of high-value tourism and low environmental impact. This means that travelers will have to pay a lot to stroll through the mountain monasteries among the pine trees. But there are few people and no trash on the trails. Bhutan is also the only country to fully offset its carbon dioxide emissions and uses only organic agriculture.

2. United Kingdom

Lonely Planet recommends focusing on England – namely, on its coast, where you can walk on piers, dine with fish, observe underwater life or look for fossils in ancient cliffs, build sandcastles or try to spot dolphins in the sea. In addition, in 2020, new sections of the hiking trail along the coast will open – the England Coast Path. When completed, it will become the longest trail of its kind in the world, spanning 3,000 miles.

3. North Macedonia

You rarely get a chance to visit a country that didn’t exist until recently! Well, that name didn’t exist. Macedonia officially became North Macedonia, but the gastronomy, nature and ancient monuments remained the same.

4. Aruba

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean. There is the city of San Nicolas, which is all a solid cultural hub with street art and pop-up carnivals. Also, Aruba is single-mindedly keeping its beaches intact and working on environmental sustainability – testing renewable energy sources and going to ban single-use plastic.

5. Eswatini (Swaziland)

A small country with a great cultural and natural heritage. In the national parks, you can go trekking and rafting, see rhinos and enjoy new landscapes. The country has recently built a new international airport, updated the infrastructure between it, reserves, and the capital, and is now counting on an influx of tourists.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another country firmly committed to the principles of sustainable tourism. The biodiversity here is impressive: sloths in trees, frogs in thickets, and whales in the ocean. The country receives 90% of all energy from renewable sources and, possibly, in 2022 it will become carbon neutral. For adventure lovers, there are volcano hiking, zip lines, and yoga retreats.

7. the Netherlands

Of course, Amsterdam is always worth another visit, but the country has such a well-developed railway connection that you can easily see many other cities (and they are worth it). In April and May, there will be many holidays – King’s Day, Independence Day, and Eurovision, and at any other time you can ride on cycling routes – there is 35,000 km of them in the country.

8. Liberia

A mysterious country that travelers love for the optimism of the locals and incredible nature. The coast is great for surfing, and Sapo National Park is the largest pristine rainforest in West Africa with chimpanzees, elephants, and pygmy hippos.

9. Morocco

Morocco is now clearly on the crest of a wave – ancient landmarks, authentic and stylish accommodation, unusual cuisine, and a coast, suitable for surfing and yoga retreats. The fastest rail line in Africa means it takes two hours to get from Casablanca to Tangier. Well, Marrakech in 2020 will be the first African capital of culture.

10. Uruguay

If you do not include Uruguay in your plans for exploring South America – fix it urgently. There are 660 kilometers of Atlantic coastline, a thriving wine industry, and hot springs. Also, Uruguay was noted for a progressive policy in the recognition of LGBTQ rights and the legalization of marijuana.

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