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Clothing tips for traveling by GLobelar in 2022

The eternal battle. I am going on a trip and what stress do I take with me. Here are a few tips.

  • I always take too much. But I think that goes for every woman.
  • For a holiday with a suitcase it is of course always different to pack than for a longer trip with a backpack.
  • For a holiday you naturally want to bring nice casual clothing, but also clothing for going out for dinner or an evening out.
  • Do not use the full kilos allowed for your luggage. The chance that you will buy something during your trip is quite high.
  • For a long journey, it is of course also very dependent on the weather at your destination.
  • A rough list with a tip. When in doubt, bring the lightest item of clothing.
  • It is useful if you can combine everything well. So make layers when it is cold.

Tip sticks to the same color tones

For example black with one color, several shades of blue / green or purple.

  • 3 Long sleeve t-shirt
  • 2 Short sleeve t-shirt
  • 2 Camisoles
  • 1 Warm sweater or cardigan
  • 2 Long trousers, super stretch is also nice for traveling days or climbing a mountain
  • 2 shorts or skirts
  • 1 Dress I have one from the brand lizzy and co. Can be worn on 2 sides.
  • 1 Shawl. I have a large type of shawl with wool in it. Warm and can be used as a blanket in a bus
  • 1 Jacket. Summer / winter or soft cell, windbreaker
  • 1 Rain poncho because you can also wear it over your backpack
  • Cap / hat / hat depends on the weather on the spot, which is handy
  • Bandana so that sweat does not run over your head or drip into your eyes.
  • Bikini / swimsuit
  • 7 Underpants
  • 7 Socks
  • 4 Bh’s

Quick dress tips for traveling:

Roll up your clothes so it wrinkles less.
On the way you can always buy additional shirts etc.
I wear my walking shoes and the heaviest clothes on the plane. Still saves considerably in weight.

The packaging bags are a handy packing aid. You then have clear luggage and they are handy to hang on a hook when showering etc.

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