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Cool waterfalls of Anatolia

Waterfall, waterfall or cascade… No matter what we call it, it creates a cool and refreshing effect even when it is just mentioned. We talked about Turkey’s 10 most beautiful waterfalls, each of which offers natural wonders with splashing droplets as the sun shines on the hill…


Maral Waterfall, Artvin

Many in Artvin waterfallthere is. One of the most impressive is on the Maral Stream in the Karçal Mountains in Borcka. The waters fall from 63 meters, that is, from quite high… First you have to pass through the Macahel Pass, and you have to go down very steep stairs to reach the place where it spills. In fine weather, you should swim in the ice-cold waters.

Deliklikaya Waterfall, Artvin

Deliklikaya Waterfall in Artvin does not fall from very high. Witnessing the power of water is what makes Deliklikaya so special with its height of only 7 meters. The water has carved a rock with a diameter of 4 meters and the waterfall is flowing from this hole. It is a candidate to be Turkey’s most photogenic waterfall. Deliklikaya Waterfall is located in Başköy, Murgul district of Artvin.

Mençuna Waterfall, Artvin

To reach Mençuna Waterfall in Kamilet Valley, you have to climb in the forest for half an hour. It doesn’t look far. You hear his voice, but he is not there. Then, all of a sudden, the suspension bridge appears before you in all its majesty. Like a story. If the weather is nice, you should swim. It is magical to lie on the water and watch the water pouring from meters high…

Doğançay Waterfall and  Prince Pools, Sakarya

Sakarya Geyve is 10 kilometers away from Doğançay Village. The last 2 kilometers of the road is dirt. You leave your vehicle and walk up a steep path in the forest. Prince Pools are above Doğançay Waterfall. There is walking through the forest. It’s a bit thorny, challenging, but the outgoing doesn’t regret it.

Ilıca Waterfall, Kastamonu

Ilıca Waterfall at the exit of Horma Canyon in Pınarbaşı falls from 15 meters. It may be the most shared waterfall on social media lately. Ilıca Waterfall has two paid entrances. If you enter the road from Horma Canyon, you have to walk 3 kilometers on the platform. If you use this road, you can see how the inside of a canyon is. The walking distance of the other entrance is 10 minutes. The choice is yours.

Sızır Waterfall, Sivas

It is on the Göksu Stream, 1 kilometer from the town of Sızır in the Gemerek district of Sivas. When you see Sızır Waterfall for the first time, you will be quite surprised. Because it appears in front of you when you least expect it… It is possible to have a picnic around it. Entry is free. There is a facility and sitting here and drinking tea against the waterfall is insatiable.

Erfelek Waterfall, Sinop

Another name is Tatlıca Waterfalls. When you enter the area where there are 28 separate waterfalls, you can walk through the waterfalls if you wish. The places are slippery and it is a difficult hike. You may have to climb by holding on to the rope from time to time. Those who do not want to walk this path can use the path next to it. Do not forget to take your swimsuit with you in hot weather and wear non-slip shoes.

, Adana

Cube Waterfall or Waterfall Valley. Not one, but 10. It is 10 kilometers away from the Aladağ district of Adana. You pass through a 1.5 kilometer tunnel and reach the Waterfall Valley area. Suitable for caravan and camping. Just ahead, Değirmen Waterfall, Küp Waterfall is a miracle of nature with its boiling waters, chirping birds and fresh air.

Yerköprü Waterfall, Mersin

Yerköprü Waterfall, 35 kilometers from Mut, is registered as a Natural Monument. It’s not a place you can stop by while passing by; You have to go for it yourself. Entry is paid. To reach the waterfall on the Ermenek Stream, you have to walk for 20 minutes after the entrance gate. There is a tunnel to the back under the waterfall. Not suitable for camping.

Deli Su Waterfall, Hatay

It is the most difficult to reach among the ones we recommend. First you reach Hüyük Village in Arsuz, Hatay. Then you walk for 6 kilometers and go down to the creek bed, and 4 kilometers is a walk in the creek. You will climb a rock just before the waterfall. Those who can do this can see the Deli Water Waterfall. It will be worth it to walk all the way while swimming in the icy waters.

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