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Countries (for a woman) to travel alone by GLobelar in 2022

Wants Safe Travel:

Everyone wants safe travel: what are the safest holiday destinations? The world is constantly changing. Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply say that this or that country is always safe. It can change just like that. Always look at the travel advice and follow the news. Here are my tips and tricks for travel places that are totally safe. I have traveled alone in these and more countries and felt safe everywhere.

The first country will be a big surprise. And it is a big country. China. One of the safest area in the world. Of course you have to keep an eye on your belongings in the big crowded places. If you look at how many people live there, the crime rate is low.

How is that possible? Cameras are all over the country. The sanctions for breaking the law or committing a crime are severe. For example, handing in your passport or never being able to apply for a passport again. The biggest challenge is the language barrier. Fortunately, young people are becoming increasingly better at English and you can use a translation app.


For years it has been very restless and unsafe in Colombia. I visited the country in July 2018. At that time it had been quiet and politically stable for a long time. Unfortunately, it is not a guarantee forever. Colombia was a very nice country for me with the perfect combination of culture and nature. A super friendly population. Delicious food. And a very affordable country.


My very first far away destination alone. In 2013 I traveled alone on this beautiful green island for 3.5 weeks. Bali is a relatively safe island. In busy tourist places and in Kuta you should pay close attention to your belongings. Bali guarantees culture, nature and beach. For me it was a very nice first experience of traveling alone in a country far from the Netherlands. (then I had a blog or video. Will follow soon)


I was already in Thailand 2 times. The second time alone. Thailand is so big and diverse that it offers something for everyone. Tourists have known where to find Thailand for years. Due to the large and regular flow of tourists, the country has a lot of experience in tourism. This allows you to put together your entire trip on the spot. There are many  to get from A to B. And there are many tours. If there is no place today, then certainly tomorrow. The people, the culture, the food are very good

Costa Rica

One of the safest country’s in the world. They have not had an army for many years. A green land. Lots of nature and animals. Be nice and sporty on the water or in the mountains. Unfortunately one of the more expensive countries in Central America.


A very nice country. Friendly people. More and more people can speak English. A country with a good combination of culture and nature. The food is tasty and very affordable. I especially liked the Hanoi and Hoi An.


Without expectations I went to West America for a month. I am positively surprised by the great variety it has to offer. I drove around in a rental car for 24 days. The driving style of Americans is gallant and relaxed. If you plan your trip in advance (about 1 year), there are very affordable accommodation in or close to a National Park. On site, it is affordable about a 45 to 60 minute drive outside the parks


Land of mountains, lakes, chocolate and watches. Even the big cities are still small. Rich in old buildings. Public transport takes you to the smallest and furthest places. One of the more expensive countries in Europe


A country that offers everything that Central America has to offer. Rich in culture, history and nature. A cheap country in Central America. Friendly people. Easy to travel from A to B. A chicken bus is fun for a short ride. For longer distances they are uncomfortable and unfortunately also less safe and time consuming.

There are certainly many more good and safe countries. I want to keep the list clear and diverse. Under the travel tab you can see most of the countries that I have visited in recent years. You can always ask me questions and comments about these countries or other countries. I would like to help you with my knowledge and experience.

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