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For Those Who Want To Visit On Weekends: Close Weekend Routes

Unique Bosphorus view, deep-rooted history, unique buildings, mansions, palaces, eating and drinking places that appeal to all tastes and pouches, vivacious culture-art and entertainment life… The beauty of living in Istanbul does not end with counting. But as they say “every beauty has a flaw”, Istanbul also has no place to listen to me on weekends and spend a few peaceful days in the bosom of nature. Fortunately, we have close routes that we can escape quickly over the weekend.

These places, some of which are only a few hours away from Istanbul by ferry or a few hours by car, are the best way to start the new week with energy and peace. Spending time in the open air, alone with nature, will be good for your body as well as your soul. And tell us It will also increase your appetite. 🙂 Fortunately, all the routes we have prepared are waiting for you with their unique taste options and eating and drinking places where you can shop to your heart’s content.

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We have compiled the most beautiful weekend escape routes close to Istanbul for you.


Meaning “village between two streams” in Latin, Ağva is one of the first routes that come to mind for those who want to escape from the crowd of Istanbul. You will feel very rested when you return to the city after the hours you will spend in this beautiful town where you will arrive in your private vehicle in 2.5 hours from Istanbul.

In Ağva, a town of Şile district, you can take walks along the kilometer-long beach and enjoy the sea air and silence. When you are hungry, many options are waiting for you. If you wish, you can enjoy eating outdoors in the carefully arranged picnic areas or you can feast yourself on seafood at a nice fish restaurant. If you have arrived in Agva at an early hour, rich breakfast options consisting of natural and very delicious products are waiting for you against a calm view. Do not return without buying the souvenirs made of Şile cloth.


Living in one of the world’s few metropolises like Istanbul and having such a beautiful escape route within a ferryboat is a special privilege that many people don’t have. The four islands that come one after the other are in the mind and heart of people with their different features.

If you wish, have a chatty dinner with your friends against the moonlight in Heybeliada. Or, jump on bicycles and spend a day full of sports and health in Buyukada. You can go to Burgazada and visit Sait Faik’s house and have a pleasant evening in one of the restaurants that make Greek music in Kınalıada. Whichever you choose, the islands will be good for your body and soul. When you jump on the ferry from Eminönü or Kadıköy, Kınalıada, Burgazada, Heybeliada and Büyükada will meet you in turn.

Garipçe Village

Increasing its popularity even more with the third bridge, Garipçe Village is one of the best choices for those who want to get rid of the tiredness accumulated on them during the week.

You can have a nice breakfast against the active sea of ​​the Black Sea as a naughty child, you can have a good time by walking on the beach, visiting the historical buildings in the village. This is also a fishing village. Naturally, it is the place to set up in one of the restaurants where fresh fish are served and have a nice meal. Moreover, against the sea. Everything about the city in your mind will be mixed with the waves of the sea.

If it is your first visit to Garipçe, you may not believe that there is such a village so close to Istanbul. We highly recommend you to buy natural eggs, yoghurt, milk from the grocery stores here or buy natural products such as noodles, tarhana, tomato paste made by the villagers themselves from the stalls set up on the streets.


We recommend those who want to go a little further outside of Istanbul to include İğneada, which has a dazzling beauty especially in the autumn months, to their list. Imagine a forest with a sea on one side and a lake on the other. Imagine that this forest is among the few ecosystems in the world. Here is such a special place, in fact, right next to you.

İğneada is a special town in Demirköy district of Kırklareli, where the green of the Istranca Mountains and the blue of the Black Sea are intertwined. Longoz forests seen in few places in the world are located in this region. Longoz Forests have also been declared a National Park. Here, you can have a picnic, enjoy the unique view and fill your lungs with clean forest air.

Just like the Longoz forests, İğneada Lighthouse is among the must-see places. If you have time to take a longer travel route, do not forget to visit Dupnisa Cave, which is the first and only cave of Kıyıköy and Thrace, which is opened to tourism.

İğneada, which you can reach in 4-4.5 hours with your private vehicle, proves its unique ecosystem with the flavors it offers. Forest honey, in particular, is very healing and delicious. If you come across the market set up in the center, do not neglect to wander and shop. You can end the day by having a drink in the cafes lined up by the sea or by choosing between seafood and meat menu according to your taste.


Another escape route outside of Istanbul is Kıyıköy. Kıyıköy, a cute coastal town of Kırklareli’s Vize district, lives off fishing and forestry. And of course, considering its increasing popularity in recent years, also with tourism… The ecosystem of the village is quite rich. Karaça forests make up the lungs of the village. The two streams that pass through the village flow into the Black Sea.

If you are interested in not only nature but also historical buildings, let’s say that the Aya Nikola Monastery, which is among the oldest stone carved monasteries in the world, is also here. Kıyıköy Bath, its walls, special Greek houses made of wood and stone are another must-see buildings… Kıyıköy contains quite satisfying alternatives for a single tour, of course, you can also visit this place on a long route where you also include İğneada and Dupnisa Caves.

While you are in Kıyıköy, do not leave without eating the village’s specialty turbot. In addition, the famous buffalo yogurt is a special flavor that you should not miss to add to your shopping list.

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