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How do I choose a bed?

If someone had told me in advance that I would voluntarily lie in a dormitory, I would not have believed you. Until 2 years ago I really wouldn’t have believed that.

Bed in a dormitory:

However, a bed in a dormitory is much cheaper. In the beginning I reserved a bed in a quadruple room, preferably a female room. Nowadays I also sleep in larger rooms with many beds. I think it is important that there are a good number of showers and toilets available.

My preference is a downstairs bed. All those stairs are not pleasant and pleasant. I sometimes lay in the top bunk and then I had to go to the toilet in the dark. It took me some time to realize where am I? Where is the bathroom? But especially how many steps the stairs had. And often a bunk bed moves when someone turns around.

Prefer a bed:

I prefer a bed with curtains. In Asia almost every hostel has curtains around a bed. It still gives a sense of privacy. A capsule or pod is also nice. It’s a bed in a big wall. A booth with a mattress. You have a curtain to close. You often have your own reading lamp and charging point. I think both are a must.

Cheapest bed:

My cheapest bed was usd 5 without breakfast and usd 7 with breakfast both were in Laos. My most expensive bed was Euro 90 including breakfast and shared bathroom. The expensive room was in Thun Switzerland. I insisted on sleeping in the city and this was the cheapest bed. Otherwise I had to travel 20 kilometers. That would have taken a lot of time with public transport and that is not really cheap in Switzerland. In the United States, I also paid about USD 90 for a motel room.

I would like a bed close to the center. I would like to be able to walk in and around the city. For the tourist attractions as for restaurants as for a cup of coffee. The beds are often slightly more expensive. However, I rarely have taxi charges.

Everything is a choice. A tradeoff. If I stay somewhere longer than 2 nights, I want to find a more comfortable bed than if I am only passing through for 1 night. Certainly I sometimes take my own room. If I also have my own bathroom, it is a wonderful luxury.

A different lifestyle also gives other moments of happiness. I often find it funny. Realizing how many possessions I had. And now my life without possessions. How I now see very simple things as a treat. A treat. How crazy can it get in life. Counts for me. How beautiful can it go in life.

Just say yes more often.


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