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How do you find a plane ticket for a great price?

Best Price Tips:

Paying too much never feels good. Everyone has probably heard. Get the best price with these simple tips.

  • Save on your flight by searching in private mode or deleting the cookies. According to some, this is no longer the case today. But experience has taught me that if I look for the same flight ticket a second time, the price is always higher.
  • The day you are looking for a flight ticket also determines the price. For example, research shows that prices are lowest on Tuesday around midnight. Tickets are cheaper anyway at the beginning of the week. Prices go up at the weekend. (More demand than supply, so higher price)
  • Look on multiple websites. I always look at sky scanner myself. But cheap ticket or expedia or other websites is also possible. Both sites already give the ticket price of several airlines. If I see a favorable ticket, I always check the website of that airline. Sometimes it is even cheaper on your own website.
  • Always check the additional costs such as reservation, luggage and payment costs. The costs differ per company.
  • Can you leave on Tuesday or Wednesday? They are the cheapest flying days. I have often saved myself hundreds of euros. Saturday and Friday are the more expensive days.
  • Departure or arrival at another airport can also save money. Or departure from Eindhoven, Rotterdam or just across the border instead of Schiphol. Parking is often also cheaper.
  • Do you see a favorable flight ticket? Many airline tickets can be canceled free of charge within 24 hours. Do read the conditions carefully. It often applies if you book longer before departure. You can continue to search if there is an even lower price.
  • The best tip? Be flexible. Think about it. So don’t search with a destination in mind. But check which destination has favorable tickets. For example, KLM has worldwide deal days twice a year. You can then select a destination from the long list of destinations.
  • Booking a ticket long in advance or very short in advance can also give a very nice ticket price. Only gambling shortly before departure often makes the choice from the number of destinations less.

Admitting the above takes time. For some it is a hobby. Checking things out. It can sometimes make a difference of 10 euros, but also hundreds of euros.

Have a nice trip.

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