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Is traveling (alone) for me?

Traveling alone

You may have doubts whether traveling or traveling alone is something for you. That thought may make traveling (alone) feel intensive or scary. I will give you a few tips on how to discover traveling alone in a pleasant way.

  • Start with a few days or a short trip. A weekend or a week. That way you can calmly see if you like it.
  • You can start close to home. Traveling doesn’t have to be long and far. You can also travel in your own country or in a neighboring country.
  • What do you want to experience or experience? Everyone has different needs and wishes. Do you want to get to know a culture? Do you want to get to know people? Do you want to go into nature?
  • Determine what you expect or want from a trip and adjust your destination accordingly.
  • Are you traveling by plane? Take a direct flight. Switching to another country with a different language can be stressful. Especially if the time for transfer is short. So if you have a flight with a transfer, choose a longer transfer time.
  • Book your hotel in advance. At least for the first night. Traveling is exhausting so it is nice when you arrive that you have an address to go to. So that you don’t have to look for Wi-Fi and a bed.
  • Upon arrival, there is nothing wrong with going to your hotel / hostel by taxi, Uber or joke. Public transport can work differently. Buying a ticket in particular can sometimes be a challenge.
  • Getting to know people is very easy. Sleep in a hostel. If you book a bed in a dormitory, making contact is even easier. Hostels often organize games. Cook in the shared kitchen. Join a tour.
  • Everyone on that tour also sleeps in your hostel. Most of the guests in a hostel also want to get to know other people. Another way to get to know people: Use the couch surfing or meetup app. Many events or drinks are organized.
  • Everyone who comes would like to get to know people. People also want to discover the environment, the city. People are looking for someone to drink coffee, beer or eat together.
  • Provide your own entertainment. E-reader, book, online games, a Netflix account. Whether it is because the weather is bad or too hot or you want to withdraw for a while.
    You can do it!

Nowadays with all the super handy and easy apps, it is all quick to arrange and look up.

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