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Keeping things simple (and beyond) will make your life safer

Is life awesome? Take care of yourself if you want to make the most of life.

For many of us, travel is an adventure beyond our comfort zone. We strive to discover new cultures, food, and wonderful places. When you board a plane, parents, friends, and family always ask if it’s safe to travel to a particular country that we’ve been to. But do you really?

Some dangerous parts of the journey can only be seen years later. Read below, if you have simple tips to help others write in the comments.

Wear a seat belt

Yes, it is very simple! Seat belts are most important when you get into a bus, minivan, or car at your tips. Your choice to wear it. But it is an easy way to save your life. During the trip, I saw many accidents and their simple operation.

Owners of vehicles that are not labeled become “missiles.” In the event of a serious breakdown, they may face secondary consequences, knocking out or dismissing other employees. If ejected, they are 23 times more likely to be properly belted inside the vehicle. Source: WindsorStar

Wear a helmet

I do not even want to touch the discussion of renting a motorbike without a license, but make sure you wear a helmet when you are on a motorbike. Maybe you are an extraordinary driver but you never know what will happen, it’s as simple as a seat belt, but you can be a lifesaver. For example, the story of Jacob Locites, a fellow passenger who drove under the influence of alcohol. There are many bad examples of people being beaten and killed, but in this video, you can see how grateful Jacob is still alive.

Condom / safe sex

It may not cost you much, but it can save you a lot of trouble. People may think that getting pregnant, getting STDs, or making someone pregnant does not happen. In addition to the responsibility of a newborn, the cost of a newborn is higher than that of a condom. When you take the wrong STD it can make you sick, infertile, and lead to death. During the trip, I saw this funny picture and found it again on the internet.

Condoms can be useful if you are trying to survive in another way!

Sun cream vs skin cancer

Did you know that melanoma is one of the top 3 most common cancers in young people? Does a sunburn (once every two years) triple your risk of serious skin cancer? Most people are only aware of the short-term effects of sunlight. You get burns, it hurts a little, it can hurt very badly, but after days it will go away ​Sun exposure can cause long-term damage to the skin, which can lead to very dangerous skin cancers.

Keep Exploring!

Use your pregnancy and brain

We all love adventure and anonymous exploration, but in some cases, you have to follow the brain. All other circumstances make you use your deepest passion and continue to explore this beautiful planet.

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