Minister of Education: There is no improvement in high school, and he needs to change the law

Tariq Shawky

Minister of Education and Technical Education, said that there is no improvement for high school students in 2021, explaining that the implementation of the improvement needs to change the Education Law.

This came in his statements to the “Egyptian Education 2030” group, via the “WhatsApp” application.

In a separate context, the “Madrasatna 2” educational channel provided some important questions for students of the “third year of secondary school” from the second semester of “Physics”, which is the chapter “Magnetic Effect of Electric Current”, and in light of the study of Chapter Two “Minerals”, in the subject “Geology The channel also provided some exercises in the form of the question “Choose the correct answer” from the “Ask an Answer” episode.

She stated that in the light of studying the poetry of the “Al-Muhajir School”, she presented a liberal poetic text by the poet “Elia Abu Madi”, and some exercises on it in the form of the question “Choose the correct answer” from the episode “Ask an Answer” in the subject “Arabic Language”, and advised the students to learn On how to install the galvanometer, and how to calculate the sensitivity of the galvano!…by watching educational videos on it, from the episode “The Summary An” in physics.

Shawky urges students to benefit from all learning resources

Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, confirmed that all students in the literary section of the third secondary grade “Nahdat Misr” were provided, which provides interactive resources for studying history and geography to help them identify economic problems in geography and other topics, in addition to history sources that include Explain the campaigns and revolutions in a simple and easy way in order to prepare for exams with the best resources through the LMS learning management platform on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.

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