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Mountain Houses Near Istanbul For Winter Vacation

Regardless of summer or winter, a few days’ holiday in a beautiful chalet is enough to purify your mind and soul. Especially if you are struggling with a heavy workload in metropolises such as Istanbul, a few days escape to places close to Istanbul may be worth a vacation that will last for weeks for you.

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Undoubtedly, staying in chalets where you can be alone with nature, away from the noise of the city, means experiencing a different excitement every period. It will give you a different pleasure to watch the snow cover in front of your stove in winter and to wake up to a beautiful day in summer.

If you want to enjoy sitting by the fire in a romantic atmosphere in mountain houses close to Istanbul on cold and snowy days and refresh your energy, leave the city behind you for a few days and enjoy the moment.

Here are beautiful mountain houses close to Istanbul, where you will have a holiday in touch with nature, giving a different taste in every season of the year.

Olimbera Club, Kocaeli

How would you like to wake up to the sounds of birds in the magnificent beauties of nature and drink your coffee against the Samanlı Mountains after a short walk? If your answer is “Yes”, Olimbera Club, 132 km from Istanbul, is just the place for you.

The rooms of Olimbera Club, which are not as comfortable as home, are completely designed according to the needs of the guests. The stylishly designed rooms of the property equipped with modern facilities include facilities such as a fireplace, wireless internet access and cable TV.

Sequoia Mountain House, Yalova

One of the best addresses for those looking for a chalet close to Istanbul is the Sequoia Mountain House in Yalova. Located in Selimiye Village at the foot of Samanlı Mountains, the facility is located 55 minutes from Yalova, 45 minutes from Bursa and 1 hour and 45 minutes from Istanbul.

The chalet, which has an accommodation capacity of 8 people, is in a position intertwined with nature within a 6 thousand square meter land. There is also the opportunity to barbecue in the large garden of the chalet, which is completely built of wood. During the day, you can take a stroll in this magnificent nature and explore the lake and waterfall near the house.

Abant Yeşil Ev Masal Evleri, Abant

Abant Yeşil Ev Masal Evleri, which offers a perfect resting opportunity for busy workers on weekdays, is another place where you can make a dream vacation in Abant, which has a distinct beauty in every period of the year. Located at a distance of 15 kilometers from Lake Abant, each house is designed with inspiration from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Abant Yesil Ev Masal Evleri, which is always at the top of the list of the best chalets, also has a restaurant and 24-hour reception service. When you come here, you can go down to Abant Lake and go on nature walks, apart from enjoying the fairy tale houses.

Ortanca Houses, Sakarya

Located in Doğançay Village, about 20 kilometers from Sapanca Lake, Ortanca Evleri is a business in a garden of wooden houses. The decoration of the rooms is quite plain. The most important feature that makes Ortanca Evleri different from other accommodation places is its large table in the common area. All guests enjoy their breakfast and wooden meals at this large table with the business owners like a family. Considering every detail to the finest detail for the comfort of its guests, the property offers its guests a peaceful accommodation experience.

Ozturk Mountain House, Bursa

Located 15 minutes away from Uludağ Ski Center, Öztürk Dağ Evi is another beautiful place where you will feel yourself in the middle of a white fairy tale. It is possible to accommodate up to four people in the chalet with two bedrooms. The facility, which has a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove, coffee machine and barbecue, is heated by a fireplace.

Karaca Mountain Houses, Kocaeli

Located 27.2 kilometers from Izmit city center, Karaca Mountain Houses consist of small wooden houses with verandas in the forest. There are a total of 8 houses in the facility, which serves as half board. A weekend getaway in these houses, which attract attention with their location and services, will definitely turn into a wonderful peaceful escape for you.

Kartal Valley Mountain Houses, Sakarya

Located 5 kilometers from Sapanca Lake and 8 kilometers from the center, Kartal Vadisi Mountain Houses is a place where you can enjoy the forest air. It is possible to accommodate up to 4 people in the chalets designed as 1 + 1. Since the facility has its own kitchen, you can easily cook the meals you bring with you. Kartal Vadisi Mountain Houses, with free parking facilities, are also very attractive for nature lovers.

Zeliş’s Farm, Sakarya

The facility, which is located in the forest in the Dibektaş region of the Kurtköy district of Sapanca, has a postcard-like appearance in the winter months. The breakfast of the facility is legendary. All of the flavors prepared with products made by the owner of the business are organic. Famous for its mixed breakfast, this farm serves its natural and delicious dishes to its guests with lake views. Let us also state that when you stay at Zeliş’s Farm, you can enjoy nature walks while watching the beauty of Sapanca Lake from above.

Uludag Forest Mansions, Bursa

The wooden mansions located in Sarıalan region in Uludağ, the leading center of winter tourism, open the door to an unforgettable nature holiday for their guests. Uludağ Forest Mansions, which is an ideal facility for those who want to breathe the clean air of the trees covered with trees with every shade of green and enjoy various activities such as skiing and cycling, is located 12 km from Uludağ National Park. Opening the door of a nature holiday like your dreams, the property welcomes its guests in two different concepts as B and C types. B type houses can accommodate a maximum of 6 people, while C type houses offer accommodation for 4 people.

Yaprak Mountain House, Sakarya

With its 4 bedrooms, Yaprak Mountain House, which is one of the ideal options for crowded families and those who want to have a holiday with their friends, is only 5 minutes away from the city center. You can reach Sapanca Lake in 10 minutes on foot from Yaprak Mountain House, which also has a private pool for guests who want to come in summer. The facility is a place you can choose to have a peaceful holiday with the unique lake view of Sapanca. Everything has been considered in the rooms for you to have a comfortable holiday and they have a special wooden decoration where you can feel the spirit of the chalet. You can hike in the parks that are within walking distance and enjoy the fresh air.

Breath Space, Kırklareli

With its comfortable and convenient location, Nefes Mekan has all the facilities designed for travel enthusiasts. For business owners, the comfort and satisfaction of their guests always come first. Located in Kışlacık Village of Kırklareli Vize, away from noise, crowd and stress, the property serves its guests in bed and breakfast concept with wooden bungalow houses. Simple and soft colors are used in the accommodation units of the facility, and comfortable areas of use include a balcony, air conditioning, telephone, satellite television, Wi-Fi, wardrobe, bathroom and hair dryer. The facility serves only people over the age of 15.

Lotus House Chalet, Bolu

Lotus House Mountain House, located 16 kilometers from Bolu Center and 15 kilometers from Abant Lake, is a comfortable and pleasant mountain hotel in the magnificent nature of Abant. After starting the day with a delicious breakfast prepared with fresh village products, you can enjoy the view in front of the crispy fireplace.

Sarıalan Mountain House, Bolu

Sarıalan Mountain House is an enterprise consisting of chalets and bungalows surrounded by fir and pine trees at 1650 meters in Tatlar Plateau. The property has 27 rooms and all rooms have mountain and plateau views. The chalets consist of 2 villas and 3 bungalows. Villas are two-storey and have 3 rooms and 9 beds. At Sarıalan Dağ Evi, you can have your meals either at home or in the restaurant.

Lucky Deer, Bolu

Lucky Deer is located 50 kilometers from Bolu city center and 40 kilometers from Yedigöller National Park; It is a farmhouse located in a geography surrounded by pine, oak and maple forest. The property is heated by a fireplace and offers a daily breakfast buffet. You can also enjoy the moment by stopping time during the nature walks around the farm.

Hindiba Nature House, Bolu

Hindiba Nature House serves in Bolu, which is the meeting point of Istanbul and Ankara. The city is one of the most preferred places for a peaceful and quiet holiday, especially in winter. With its carefully designed rooms and its location in nature, Hindiba Nature House promises a real purification and relaxation. While staying here, you can choose one of the different walking routes and enjoy nature.

Ogzala Farm

The most important feature of Ogzala Farm, which has an area intertwined with nature, is that it allows you to do many activities. While enjoying the mountain house, you can also fully experience the scenery by doing nature walks.

Wooden House, Iznik

Wooden House Iznik, made entirely of wood at an altitude of 500 meters, is one of the facilities with lake, mountain and forest views that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Wooden House Iznik, which has 2 bedrooms, is very suitable for those looking for a weekend getaway close to Istanbul.

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