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On Schuster’s Rappen through Australia: The “Larapinta Trail”

Unadulterated Australia:

On Schuster’s rapping through the original, unadulterated Australia beyond the great coastal towns: this is a real challenge and ultimately also a wonderful reward for body, mind and soul.

In fact, Australia has some of the most beautiful trekking tours in the world and if you want to explore the world on foot, you will be rewarded here for your efforts.

Larapinta Trail

One of the most attractive tours by far is the “Larapinta Trail”, which runs in twelve sections from Alice Springs through the MacDonnell Ranges to Mount Sounder.

A special highlight: In some cases, the hiker also passes the West MacDonnell National Park. With a length of 223 kilometres, this trail is a varied stretch through Australia’s wilderness with picturesque views and plenty of scenic attractions

From Alice Springs to Mount Sounder

Once living like the nomadic Aborigines, living in harmony with nature: the “Larapinta Trail” opens up the possibility of border experiences that the average European does not normally experience. Access to the trail is relatively easy at first due to the starting point in Alice Springs, because the city has an airport. The destination is Mount Sounder.

The best time to travel is from May to October, from October to February you should avoid the route due to the Australian weather conditions. The most charming sections are the third, fourth, fifth, ninth and twelfth sections, with one section running through West MacDonnell National Park. The individual stages are divided in such a way that they can be hiked at a moderate pace in about five to six hours.

Narrow meandering serpentines

Narrow meandering serpentines, stone semi-deserts, steep ascents and descents, which are a challenge even for experienced mountaineers: all this can be found here. On all sections of the route, however, the busy hiker can choose between more challenging and easier routes.

Those who opt for the easier routes can often combine them with sightseeing, while the more challenging ones promise fantastic natural phenomena and particularly magnificent 360-degree views of majestic mountain peaks.

The choice of route should depend on the personal fitness of the hiker. Especially experienced and tough trekkers, who have alpine experience, can then reward themselves in the midst of a wild-romantic nature by simply relaxing the hammock between two trees and soak up the beauty of the surroundings.

what can be more pleasant?

After all, what can be more pleasant? But regardless of whether lighter or heavier sections of the route are chosen: The “Larapinta Trail” is invariably well signposted and should therefore not get lost here. This is due to the fact that it is a relatively newly designated and therefore modern trekking route. At the end of each section there are convenient accommodation options.

Trekking Tour

If you would like to hike this trekking tour yourself and go to your personal limits, you will find all the necessary information such as the nature of the individual sections, drinking water supplies or accommodation and camping facilities under the official detailed website.

Equipped with the best information in this way, nothing can go wrong when trekking: it is best to look around, click through and be inspired by what Down Under has to offer on this special route.

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