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Only for the hard-boiled: The Australian Alps Walking Track

Australian Alps Walking Track

If you are looking for a real challenge and are also an experienced hiker, the Australian Alps Walking Track is just right. On this trek, adventurers pass some of Australia’s highest peaks and experience a wild-romantic nature worth all the effort.

National Parks

Three states and four national parks are located on this trail from Walhalla in Victoria to Tharwa, which lies south of Canberra. It is necessary to cross 650 kilometres in about 50 to 60 days, with historic huts and romantic Alpine hotels lining the path. A rocky wilderness and the adventures of a rough mountain world are waiting here for the hiker, who likes to divide up the trek designed in three stages and can go to his own limits. No question: The Australian Alps Walking Track really has it all!

From Walhalla to Canberra

The starting point (or end point) of this long trek is the old gold mining town of Walhalla, which is located in Baw Baw National Park. Gentle heathlands, wild snowscapes and lush forests alternate on this route.

The first part of the trail leads to Mount Erica, which is 1,100 metres high, so that adventurers can enjoy a gradually transforming alpine vegetation. The second stage leads from Mount Hotham to Thredbo through the Bogong plateaus. This is one of Australia’s highest mountain ranges.

Brave hikers will find the Wallace Hut

Brave hikers will find the Wallace Hut, which dates back to 1889 and is one of the oldest mountain huts ever built by nomadic cattle keepers. Bushwalks through eucalyptus forests follow, the historic Harrington’s Track along the Murray River, the gold mining town of Glen Wills and the Pioneer Mine, once the largest gold mine in the area, are other highlights waiting for this section of the track.

On the third stage from Thredbo to Canberra, we finally have to tackle the mighty Mount Kosciuszko, which is Australia’s highest mountain at 2228 metres. Magical glacial lakes, rare wildflowers and fantastic views of mountains and valleys reward trekkers here for all their efforts.

But this part of the route offers even more: adventurers have the opportunity to take a detour into the history of the Kiandra Heritage Trail and the Gold Seekers Track or make the easier circular hike to the Four Mile Hut.

The Blue Waterholes and the rushing waterfalls along Cave Creek are other attractions that make this trek worthwhile. Finally, from the northernmost point of this adventurous trail, from Namedi National Park, there is a fantastic view of Canberra, the Southern Alps and the western Brindabellas, if you climb the four kilometers to Mount Tennent.

Here is a nine kilometer long path to the Boo Roomba Rocks car park and honeysuckle campsite until you finally make it and reach Canberra after a long and arduous descent from Mount Tennent.

More about the Australian Alps Walking Track …

If you want to learn more about the Australian Alps Walking Track and experience the adventure that this trail brings, you can find more information on the official tourism page of Australia.


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