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Pack toiletry bag for Travel

Pack toiletry bag

I’ll give you my basic packing list for your travel toiletry bag. 17 tips to take with you. This way you have the most important basic things with you. Use it as a checklist.

  1. Toiletry bag with hook. There is often not enough space to put your toiletry bag. Hook on the door or door handle. Super practical.
  2. Day cream with sun protection factor
  3. (Aloe Vera) lotion or gel. Can be used as a body lotion, hand cream, foot cream even as a face cream.
  4. Deodorant. I often use a cream
  5. Shampoo
  6. Toothbrush. I have one on batteries. Of course toothpaste and tooth cleaners.
  7. Hairbrush and / or comb
  8. Moist facial cleansing wipes
  9. Soap and a soap dish are lighter than shower gel and last longer.
  10. Lip balm. I use the labelo shine looks like you have lipstick on
  11. Sunscreen and insect cream or spray.
  12. Nail scissors set
  13. Earplugs and eye / face mask
  14. Razor
  15. Medicines such as acetaminophen
  16. Women products. Tampons are not widely available
  17. Birth protection. Condoms / pill

This list is a really good basic list. To be supplemented with other products.

Remember that you are rarely in very inhospitable territory. You can also buy many products on the spot. Maybe not your favorite brand, but for the duration of the trip you will certainly make it.

Enjoy the anticipation and your journey.

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