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Places to visit in Marmara Island – Historical and natural beauties, beaches, bays and villages

The topics of our article about the places to visit in Marmara Island, an island and district of Balıkesir: Information about the villages of Marmara Island, historical places of Marmara Island and the natural beauties of Marmara Island …


If we examine the places to be visited in Marmara Island, which is the second largest island of our country in terms of its area, primarily through its villages / neighborhoods, Asmalı, Çınarlı, Gündoğdu, Topağaç and Saraylar stand out. Let’s give information about these settlements first.


Asmalı Village: The village, which is highly preferred in terms of yacht tourism, makes a living with olive cultivation and fishing as well as tourism. The inhabitants of Asmalı Village, which draws attention with the old wooden Greek houses that are still in use, are the people of the Black Sea region and the Pomaks. They provide it by collecting pine and fishing. The village is on the east coast of the island.

Çınarlı Village: This is a place on its name, famous for its centuries-old plane trees. Also, viticulture is a tradition that has been going on for centuries. Çınarlı Village, with its clear sea and fine beach, is for nature lovers …

Gündoğdu Village: Gündoğdu, a small fishing village, is built on many sheep. It is an old settlement, so it stands out with its historical houses and street fountains. Next to the deep blue sea, pine trees add a different beauty to the village ..

Topağaç Village: We can say that it is the vegetable store of Marmara Island. An important part of the need on the island is met from here. There is also a very nice and wide beach. It’s worth to be seen.

Saraylar Village: It is also known as Mermerci, because it hosts the marble quarries that have been operated for thousands of years. I don’t know if there is a marble-covered marble beach in the Saraylar Village, where there is an open-air museum where artifacts from ancient times are exhibited, in the world. The village is in the northeast of the island.


Prokonnessos Ancient City: Located within the borders of Saraylar Village, the ancient city is famous for its marble. The marbles in the region continue to be mined from ancient times until today.

Open Air Museum: Ancient ruins and marble artifacts from the civilizations that ruled the region can be seen. Inside the Saraylar Village.


The district, which has many natural beaches and suitable places for those who are interested in water sports such as water skiing, jet skiing, and diving, contains natural beauties worth seeing.

Marble Beach: It takes its name from the fact that the bottom is marble. The beach in Saraylar Village is one of the places worth seeing and swimming.

Avşa Island: One of the most visited points of Marmara District, it is very popular with its sea and beaches. It also has direct transportation from Istanbul by sea. The entire island, located in the southwest of Marmara Island, can be called a natural beach. Its lush green beach and golden sands are quite beautiful.

Avşa Bays: The island is surrounded by Çınar Bay, Mavi Bay, Değirmen, Manastır, White House, Kumburnu, Kumtur and Yiğitler bays.

Ekinlik Beach: The island’s beach is another valuable one in Marmara District. It takes its name from the Ekinlik Island where it is located.

Paşalimanı Island: In addition to the historical ruins, the island has taken its place in the Marmara Islands as an important natural beauty. Do not return without seeing the beaches and bays on this island worth seeing.

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