Preparation or Planning Trip By Globelar in 2022

Before you Travel or Vacation:

There is a lot to arrange and do before you travel or vacation. Here are some tips.

It depends very much on what makes you feel best.

A holiday is often the quickest and easiest to book through a travel organization.

There is plenty of choice online. Usually the transport, transfer from and to the airport and accommodation is arranged in a booking.

Such a package is often cheaper than if you arrange everything yourself. Especially when traveling shorter than 2 weeks. There are also travel organizations that offer “Building blocks”. A building block then consists of an extended excursion of 2 to sometimes several days.

Including transport, accommodation, guide and sometimes even meals. If you are going on a trip and want to determine yourself what you are going to see and do, composing a trip with building blocks is great fun. Just a bit more freedom than with an organized route, whether it is a group or individual tour.

For my own anticipation and preparation I buy the capitol guide. A nice guide with nice photos, tips and often walking routes. A nice souvenir for after time.

With further and longer journeys it can become interesting to look for your flights and accommodations yourself.

I often search for my plane tickets via sky scanner. They have a search engine that compares the prices of many airlines.

If you leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, that often makes a huge difference in price. With longer flights it is often cheaper if you book a flight with a transfer at an airport instead of a direct flight. Bizarre but true. It can sometimes make a difference of half the price. Booking outside the high seasons makes a huge difference to the flight and your accommodations and often on excursions on the spot.

My flight to Hong Kong was Euro 1000 on Saturday and Euro 600 on Tuesday. That’s a quick saving.

For a long journey of, for example, 2 months, I advise you to plan and book everything in advance
Via you can cancel many hotel rooms for free up to 24 hours before arrival so that you are still a lot flexible. Choosing a hotel / hostel and transport during the trip often takes a lot of time, which is a shame.

When traveling longer than 2 months, I recommend that you record the first part. Certainly not everything. The best thing about a long journey is that if you hear tips along the way, you just take them along.

For a long journey I use the lonely planet.

Handy for tips about hotels, but especially about what to see and do with transport planning how to get from a to b

The guide contains beautiful travel route suggestions. I often use that route as my rough route. Take out things that interest me less or that I have seen very often and add other things.

I like having the guide in book form. Reading material during travel days or if you don’t have an internet connection. You can take notes. Very pleasant. Due to weight I give them to someone at the end of my trip. This is of course also because I don’t have a house.

Anticipation is very nice

Don’t underestimate how much time you will spend planning your trip in between. Is not a complaint but a fact that I learned at the beginning of my journey


Check for important holidays in your destination. If this is the case, it is often advisable to arrange your overnight stay and often transport in advance for that period. Otherwise you run the chance that the lesser or the very expensive nights are still left. With public transport in many countries you will be assigned a seat when you book and you are gone.

No or limited internet. I had little or no access to internet sites in China. did it, but booking a train or plane ticket was not possible. Fortunately, I had already booked all the transport in advance as I already had a time limit due to a 30-day visa.

The lonely planet guides are useful travel guides and travel with a backpack is more practical if you travel by public transport.

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