“Roads and Bridges”: Climbing the ring road by “electricity stairs” in October

Major General Hossam El-Din Mostafa, Head of the Roads and Bridges Authority, said that citizens will take electric stairs to the ring road, to ride the bus, instead of the “microbuses”, which will stop at certain intersections on the ring road, noting that this change will start next October after the construction of buses waiting stations.

Mustafa added, during a telephone interview on the “Today” program broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel, today, Monday, and presented by the media, Sarah Hazem, that the state plans to pass a modern frequency bus at the intersections of the ring road after the development of the ring road, and these buses will run in a lane designated for them on the ring road. With the ban on minibuses to prevent random minibuses that disrupt the road and cause a large number of accidents, he explained that the authority is developing areas on the ring bridge, including the road heading to Alexandria governorate as well as the Mariouteya area, especially since they witnessed traffic densities in the past period, so the state worked to solve these densities.

The head of the Roads and Bridges Authority indicated that the new buses will be environmentally friendly, operate with electricity and natural gas, and will not be expensive, especially that the state is conducting a current study in order to determine their work at an appropriate price, pointing out that the state will not allow transport vehicles to pass during the day on the ring road because it affects On the traffic of cars in the morning, so it will be restricted to traffic in the evening only.

The Head of the Roads and Bridges Authority indicated that the state pays great attention to the ring road because it links the 3 most densely populated governorates, and the ring road is monitored around the clock by the state to facilitate traffic on it.


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