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Save photos while traveling: the perfect hard drive?

Especially when traveling:

For many, it is now important to have their data to hand at all times and at all times – especially when traveling. For saving photos while traveling, for backing up and accessing data. In times of work and digital nomads, an external hard drive has to withstand a lot.

Horror stories like that of your best friend’s broken hard drive could now be a thing of the past. Because now there are hard drives that are so resistant that you can almost completely put the fear of data loss through impacts and the like.

One of the most sensational external storage options is the Samsung Portable SSD T5, which above all should be extremely shockproof, robust, faster and unbeatable in terms of data security. We tested your ability to travel from A to Z. From São Miguel in the Azores to camping in Wales, from Koh Phangan in Thailand down to Indonesia. How Good Is The Samsung Portable SSD T5 Really?

Dimensions & weight of the Samsung Portable SSD T5

The Samsung Portable SSD T5 is available in sizes of up to 1 TB. First of all the most amazing thing: the SSD T5 is not only as small as a matchbox, but above all extremely light. This model weighs only 51 grams with dimensions of 74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm.

Save data and photos while traveling:

Transmission speed

Samsung itself speaks of transfer rates of up to 540 MB / s, which refers to the read and write speed. The external disk supports USB 3.1 Generation 2 and has a USB-C connection, which is particularly advantageous for Apple users with a MacBook. That’s why the Portable SSD T5 comes with a cable for the classic USB connection as well as a narrower USB-C cable.

Robustness of the Samsung Portable SSD T5

Now the next bang from the marketing side: According to the manufacturer, the Samsung Portable SSD T5 should withstand falls of up to two meters. Incidentally, this was also impressively demonstrated during the product presentation and still hurts a little while watching.

It really doesn’t seem to harm the external hard drive. Everything works as usual and the data also survived the played clumsiness unscathed.

Encryption and security

Of course, the SSD T5 can also be used entirely without encryption. But if you prefer to encrypt it, you don’t have to download software from the Internet. When purchasing the Samsung Portable SSD T5, software is included with which the data can be encrypted – with the Mac, Android and Windows. In this way you can protect your data from unauthorized access.

How it works? Using the so-called AES 256-bit hardware encryption and an additional user-defined password.

Price of the Samsung Portable SSD T5

Here’s the downer: the Samsung Portable SSD T5 is not exactly cheap. Especially for the enormous speed and robustness you have to dig deep into your pocket. The recommended retail price for the Portable SSD T5 with 1 TB is 429 euros.

The variant with 250 GB and 500 GB costs accordingly less, but not little: 139 euros and 229 euros, respectively. Incidentally, 2 TB cost a whopping 849 euros.

Where can you get the Samsung Portable SSD T5 cheaper?

At Amazon it has just been reduced to almost half. That results in really good prices!

Save photos while traveling: is the Portable SSD T5 a good choice?

Perhaps the best hard drive for travel? One thing is certain, if you can spend the money, you will find an incredibly robust hard drive. One that is so small that it fits in your pocket. So light that it is hardly noticeable. Simply ideal for traveling.

Conclusion on the Samsung Portable SSD T5

If transfer speed, robustness and minimum size are important to you, the Samsung Portable SSD T5 is exactly the right choice, provided that the price is not deterrent. It is ideal for saving photos while traveling.
For everyone else, there are certainly cheaper options – but with certain compromises in terms of quality.

Disclosure / advertising: I was given the hard drive for this test report. It must therefore be marked as advertising. Furthermore, the references marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. Anekdotique receives a small commission when you click on these reference links and make a purchase. The price does not change.

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