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Savings Tips for Traveling in Germany by Globelar 2022

Holiday Destination Europe:

Germany is certainly not an expensive holiday destination in Europe. It is an affordable country. And surprisingly a country with something for everyone. Nature, city, religious, beach, mountains, lakes, amusement parks, etc.

I would like to give tips on how to save money or spend less money in Germany during your holiday or trip. And many of tips also apply to other destinations.

Bus is really very cheap. There are several providers. Flixbus has an extensive route network throughout Europe.


Comfortable and affordable if you book early. Or if you are traveling in Germany for a longer period of time, you can buy a German Rail Pass. Depending on the number of days you wish to travel, you pay or buy a DB card where you receive a discount on every ticket you buy.

Ride along

There are apps where people offer a seat in their car to travel from A to B. For example blackcars. It often did not suit me in terms of departure time.

Cheap overnight stay

You can spend the night cheaply at a campsite, in a youth hostel, hostel or a room in a budget hotel. The price and quality are often good. Unfortunately, the d├ęcor is sometimes outdated and / or gloomy. Cleaning is the most important thing for me.

Free walking tour

There are free city walks in many cities. You learn more about the city. The guide often also has good tips about festivals, activities and restaurants at that time. Tip at the end of the tour. On the internet you type in Free walking tour and the place.


In many cities, a number of museums are free or with a high discount 1 day per week or month. Sometimes it applies to an evening entrance or after a certain time.


Not eating in a tourist place often saves a lot of money. Order a daily menu. In many places it is only offered for lunch. Have an extensive lunch and have a cheaper meal in the evening.

In Germany, an Imbiss is an eatery offering typical German dishes. Currywurst, bratuwurst and fries etc. Or eat Falafel, kebab or something like that. It is often much cheaper than a German meal.


Drinking in public is allowed in most places in Germany. Buy your drinks at a supermarket and sit in a nice place, for example by the water, the river or in a park. Often there are enough benches in a city.

Walking is free

And many beautiful and / or important buildings and facades can be photographed from the outside for free. For example the many old inner cities. And even churches inside. All for free. Hiking in the mountains is also free. Or go there or back on your own with a cable car and walk the other part.


Rent a bike and you get just a bit further than walking. You see more of a city than if you travel with an underground and it is often cheaper. Many cities also offer electric scooters. As a new customer you get a few minutes for free or a high discount as a new customer after downloading the app.


Swimming in a river or lake is allowed in many places. There are still many beautiful places where it can even be done for free.

Tourist books

Many cities have discount or coupon books for discounts. Discounts are, for example, on admission to museums or amusement park or free cup of coffee, etc. Often available at your hotel or the tourist office.

City card

Many cities offer combination tickets for public transport, museums and other tourist attractions. You pay an amount and then you have a number of days of travel within a zone for free. You can go to a tourist attraction for free or with a high discount or get a free drink with food or entrance. Often available at your hotel or the tourist office.

Is a country cheaper than the Netherlands? Usually everything is cheaper than shampoo, deodorant but also the supermarket. Don’t take it with you but buy it on the spot.

Have fun with these helpful tips. Enjoy your trip or vacation.

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