“Sports of Representatives” calls for the abolition of the merger… and the Ministry: Supports the sale of old youth centers 

The meeting of the Youth and Sports Committee in the House of Representatives, headed by Representative Mahmoud Hussein, witnessed widespread criticism of the decision to merge youth centers issued by a decision of former Youth Minister Khaled Abdel Azab, calling for the need to make amendments to the current law to cancel the merger decision.

This came during the committee’s meeting, to discuss a number of briefing requests addressed to the Ministry of Youth, regarding some problems related to the non-inclusion of some centers in the facilities plan.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, head of the Youth Committee, said that the committee is keen to obtain the Ministry of Youth’s plan to develop all centers at the level of the Republic.

Hussein added that a letter will be sent to the Minister of Youth, for the ministry’s response to the summary of the results of dealing with the briefing requests submitted by the deputies during the past 6 months, and to provide the committee with the ministry’s work plan.

The head of the Youth Committee called on officials from the Ministry of Sports to set a timetable to respond to the request for briefing submitted by MP Ashraf Al-Shabrawi, regarding the closure of the Azab Bani Obaid Youth Center in Dakahlia Governorate and not developing it, saying: “Certainly the ministry will have solutions.”

from his side; Dr. Ashraf Al-Bajarmi, Head of the Central Administration for Youth Establishments, commented on the demands of the parliamentarians about finding a timely plan for the development of youth centers, saying: “We asked each directorate of the directorate to develop a plan at the level of the directorates, including an executive and investment plan, provided that these requests are combined with the deputies’ plan and included in the 21-25 plan.

The committee witnessed widespread criticism of the decision to merge youth centers with a small area, and link them with other youth centers, stressing that this makes young people refrain from practicing sports because of the distances.

Representative Tariq Al-Sayed said that the merger decision needs a legislative amendment, especially that all youth centers that filed cases to cancel the decision, lost those cases, and there has become a legal situation in place, calling for all MPs to be invited by arranging meetings with representatives of each governorate sharply, and to listen to their problems. related to youth centres.

from his side; MP Osama Abdel-Aty demanded the necessity of amending the law and canceling the merger decision, saying: “We must reach a quick solution to cancel the merger.” He wondered: “What prevents us from presenting a draft law to replace and merge, or issue a recommendation to the Minister of Youth to cancel the merger.”

Representative Aya Madani asked officials of the Ministry of Youth about the criteria on which priorities are set for the development of the 4,000 youth centers at the level of the Republic.

from his side; Deputy Tharwat Solom, Deputy of the Youth and Sports Committee, confirmed the speedy implementation of the committee’s proposal and the Prime Minister’s directives, using the unused lands of government agencies and bodies, and selling old youth centers, to establish new youth centers, which was welcomed by Tariq Nada, Director General of the General Administration of Youth Centers, describing The Youth Committee’s proposal for a genius solution to help disadvantaged villages and centers.

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