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Surprising Tips for a Better Travel Experience

Better Travel Experience

These are not the most common tips. Thinking and / or behavior tips. Read through these tips and you are guaranteed to have a better travel experience.

Some things are so simple that they are not named and it is precisely those tips that are the best.


Have a lot of patience. Traveling takes time. Often you will have to wait. Wait until you can continue or it will continue. Wait because the pace in a country is different from what you are used to.

Leave your comfort zone at home. Well as far as you can and want. Things are different. Otherwise clean. Less clean. Or maybe louder. Or maybe fuller or emptier. Darker or lighter. If you leave your comfort zone at home, traveling will become easier and also cheaper.

Accept and respect

The rules, laws, values ​​and norms of your destination. The culture is different and they have their own rules. For example also when visiting an attraction, be it a temple or a nature park.

Be curious or open minded. Step into a different culture and world. Look. Ask questions. People are proud of their country and culture and are happy to tell you interesting things. Show you things. Before you know it you will be eating with the locals. Say YES more often. You will live and experience more.

Laugh. Things are different. Things may go wrong. Laugh at the situation, it’s often all you can do.

Positive attitude

Always try to stay positive. Missed the bus? There will be another one day. Where is a bed? Hostel full? They are happy to call around to help you. Plane not taking off? What is an alternative? It’s not life threatening. My mantra is: If I still have my passport and credit card, it’s fine.

Talk to people

Please note that there are countries where negative talk about politics, religion and / or the royal family is not allowed and / or appreciated. You often see the attitude of your conversation partner change.

Have a smile on your face. Laughter is a universal language. Walk around with a smile and you will also be approached positively.

Grateful. Be grateful for the fact that you can travel. Not everyone is allowed.

Enjoy. Above all, don’t forget to enjoy.

I’m sure you’ll think about this list again when you travel.

Do you have questions and / or comments? Don’t hesitate to ask. I am happy to answer them.

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