The Minister of Education denies what is being circulated about the number of high school exams questions

Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, commented  on the number of exam questions that a number of teachers announced about the high school exams questions, saying: “These numbers are absolutely not true, and this is not the number of questions or their distribution. With all due respect to the venerable teacher, I did not watch the episode, and therefore I do not want to criticize Mr. Muallem, but rather clarify the truth that these are jurisprudence, not decisions.

The Minister of Education stated that changing the assessment and correction system in high school requires that our celebration of the early adopters of the new system be bigger and more important than every year.

This came in statements by the Minister to the “Egypt Students and Education Building” group, via the WhatsApp application, in response to a question by a parent, about the possibility of announcing the beginning of the Republic in a press conference like every year.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education had announced the availability of a registration site for completing the promotion file electronically for the year 2020/2021, for teachers, managers, mentors and evaluation committees in departments via the teacher cadre data website link:

Regarding the English language exam for high school, Jamal Madkour, Head of the English Language Department at Saidia School, said that the end-of-year exam in the English language will consist of 50 degrees, distributed as follows, “the multiple-choice question is 30 degrees, the conversation question is 10 degrees, and the translation question is 6.” degrees, and Essay is four degrees.

Madkour added, during his video intervention on the “Evening DMC” program, presented by Jasmine Taha, on the “DMC” channel, that students must read and memorize the words well, so that they can choose between brackets correctly and without errors.

In a separate context, the Ministry of Health and Population, as part of a plan for exams at various educational levels in light of the Corona pandemic, approved the performance of exams for students infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), and this decision applies to high school exams.

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