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Through the heart of Tasmania: The “Overland Track”

Australia’s nature

Trekking enthusiasts looking for the original and unadulterated of Australia’s nature can’t miss the “Overland Track” on the island of Tasmania.

This is one of the classic trekking routes in “Down Under”, which is 65 kilometres long and takes an average of about six to seven days. The tour is divided into seven sections, which take different running times of three to seven hours.

Ronny Creek in Cradle Valley

The starting point is Ronny Creek in Cradle Valley at the foot of Cradle Mountain, destination of Lake St. Clair. In the heart of Tasmania, the hiker comes into direct contact with an unspoilt nature that is unparalleled.

It is one of the most popular trekking trails in the world and should not be missed by true hiking enthusiasts. Among the Australian trekking tours, the “Overland Track” is a must, which countless adventure-seekers have already wandered through.

Ancient rainforests, eucalyptus forests and fairytale alpine meadows

Australia’s wilderness

Australia’s wilderness is really still wilderness and that’s exactly what a hiker can experience on the “Overland Track”. Spectacular valleys shaped by huge glaciers, ancient rainforests, fragrant eucalyptus forests, picturesque heathland landscapes, the mighty Mount Ossa and beautiful alpine meadows: the diversity of the flora and fauna of the “Overland Track” attracts every year dozens of hikers from all over the world who want to explore Australia in all its beauty on foot.

Tasmanian highlands

Along the Tasmanian highlands, trekkers experience “Down Under” in all its fullness. And what could be better than stretching a hammock between two trees after a long walk through the wilderness and literally hanging out and enjoying the allure of Tasmanian nature? However, you also have to be well prepared to cope with the track and have the necessary mental and physical fitness.

Alpine experiences are therefore useful. The advantage of trekking, however, is that you can design the individual seven sections of the route individually and do not have to follow any rules in this regard. However, it should always be borne in mind that it is important to protect Tasmania’s World Heritage Site.

Hikers should therefore stay on the trails in order to prevent the spread of diseases and pathogens that may not be able to cope with the native flora and fauna.

Plan & book in good time

The main season for the trekking tour “Overland Track” is November 1st to April 30th. Since the track is extremely popular, there has been a booking system since 2007 which stipulates that a starting fee of 180 Australian dollars must be paid in the peak season.

The number of trekkers who receive a start permit is limited to 34 per day and interested parties should therefore register in good time, as the route is often fully booked. The end point of the tour is for most of Lake St. Clair, more specifically the Lake St Clair Visitor Centre in Cynthia Bay.

However, some also prefer to circumnavigate the lake in the surrounding jungle, which means a distance of another challenging 17.5 kilometers. In the high season, trekkers are required to hike from north to south for environmental reasons.

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