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Tips for preparing for a long journey

Tips about preparing:

There are many tips online about preparing for a big trip.
I was a bank girl for years and still missed a few important opportunities.

What are you doing with your house?

Are you renting? You can cancel the house or do you want to sublet your house? You may not always sublet your home:

Home for sale? I sold my home to be truly free from all materialistic possession, so no responsibilities, costs and concerns about ownership. You can leave the house empty or sublet it. Ask your mortgage provider whether you can rent out your home. A real estate people can help you rent-out. They can also draw up the correct contracts legally.


I no longer have an address in the Netherlands. You can request a letter address through the municipality. The documents can often be found on the page of your municipality. Keep in mind that the application can take up to 8 weeks before you get approval.


Adjust your insurance policies to your new status.
I myself have health, liability and health insurance in the Netherlands. So I have to be in the Netherlands for 24 hours within 1 year and then have coverage for 360 days again. There are companies that provide longer coverage, but then the premium is so much higher that I decide to add that money to a plane ticket to visit the Netherlands again.

Vaccinations: Start in time with information about which vaccinations are recommended. Some vaccinations have to be collected three times before they are fully effective, so this can take several weeks. If you have additional insurance, your health insurance often covers the (partial) costs.

Living Will:

I had a living will drawn up through a notary.

In a living will it can be recorded what is important in your specific situation. You can record your wishes with regard to, among other things:

– your finances, business, home and other immovable property;
– giving permission for whether or not to perform medical procedures;
– the appointment of a mentor or administrator of your assets;
practical matters for after death (funeral or cremation).

My Tips:

Do not give power of attorney to just 1 person.
The cost of a living will is a standard amount regardless of how many people you appoint. I myself have designated three people in connection with possible illnesses, holidays or death of those involved and I have also designated someone who is still a minor. This with the idea that everyone gets older and how logical it is that someone of 80 still looks after your affairs.

Let your living will begin immediately.

The civil-law notary will indicate that it is desirable to proceed to determine a problem or situation. However, the proxy must still take action before he / she can arrange things for you

Have your diploma translated:

To use your diploma abroad, have it legalized. This is done by stamp or sticker. It depends on the type of training where you have this done. After legalization, your file is ready to re-use.

This was arranged within a few days. Costs approximately Euro 90 per diploma. I have obtained my highest diploma in English and Spanish because I have no idea how long I will be away and where exactly I will be.

To pass on relocation reports:

Make a list in advance which you can check off. For example, general practitioner, dentist, municipality, your bank, insurance company etc.

I myself love to make lists and tick off what is off that gives such a wonderfully tidy feeling. The chance that you will forget something is also smaller.

That way I start my journey with a good and pleasant feeling.

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