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Top 5 Strange Places in the World

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There are many fascinating things to discover about the top 5 strange places in the world. These places have interesting stories behind them and you will be amazed as you discover more about these places. This is a great way to get you to travel more and take your time to see different places. These places also provide you with a sense of wonder that is often forgotten by most people.

Strange top five places

The strange top five places in the world are all located within easy reach of each other. These places include; Paris, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Galapagos Island, and Washington D. C. These all offer something different to the traveler and a wonderful view to any vacationer. Many people find these types of vacations enjoyable and a great escape from the everyday grind of life.


Paris is one of the most famous places around the world and is where the French Revolution was born. The Parisian Syndrome is named after this location and this has become one of the most popular attractions for people that visit Paris. It is located on the right bank of the Seine River and offers visitors a beautiful view of the City of Light. There are also many historic buildings in Paris that can be explored by foot or by boat.

Amsterdam is another amazing location to explore in the top five strange places in the world. Amsterdam is famous for its love of art and culture and there are many great museums here to enjoy. There is a canal that runs through Amsterdam and it is called the Delft canal. It is a very beautiful canal that gives a nice view of the city of Amsterdam. This is also a great place for the kids to enjoy as they have an assortment of water slides and exciting water rafting tours to participate in.

Buenos Aires is another top location that is considered to be one of the top five strange places in the world. It is a beautiful city with many gorgeous buildings and ancient structures that are a part of the overall Spanish Archipelago. There is a museum that is dedicated to the first President of Argentina and a building that is seven hundred years old is also there to enjoy. There are also many places for shopping in Buenos Aires. There are also many theaters to enjoy and musical theaters to see all the time.

London is another great location to check out in the top 5 strange places around the world. There are several historical buildings that you can visit such as the Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace, and Madame Tussauds wax museum. There are also some great shopping locations in central London as well as other locations throughout England. These are just some of the many amazing sites that you can visit in the top five strange places around the world. You will never get to visit them in your lifetime again.

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