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Travel Guide with Kids: Edirne

My dear son Ege is going to the second grade of primary school. Teacher by motivating them towards continuous reading was even a small library already … February holiday, he has selected “Levent Turkey to visit the” book was finished.

These books into a series, “Larry” is the elementary school students, teachers, and classmates, along with historical sites and tells of his adventures had seen while visiting cities in Turkey.

Selimiye Mosque Selimiye Mosque and its surroundings

One day, during our conversation with Ege about these books:

“Do you want us to choose one of these cities Levent visited?” I suddenly questioned …
Aegean’s eyes widened and when I said, “Yeah, I would love to. Let’s go to Edirne, mom, ” he said excitedly,
“Okay, let’s go, but will you share with us what you learned from these books?
Mine that thought and said with a sure voice, “Of course mom, don’t worry! :))

This is how my curious son volunteered to guide us in Edirne.

Edirne was more or less close to Istanbul. I thought I could go back in a day.

We set out at 08:30 in the morning. We entered from the TEM highway and the toll highway. They say the road takes you, that example, arrows always write EDİRNE. While the break for the children, the water break was a bit of a tiredness break, our arrival reached 11:30.

Impressive inscriptions and children playing hide-and-seek inside the old mosque

My son, who volunteered to show us Edirne, had made a good plan. He chose 6 different places in the book that he wanted to read and visit. I also recommend them to you. If there are some people who say how to visit Edirne with children and where to see them, please check these places determined by the Aegean among us. It has become a list that both children will love to travel and you can easily make travel plans by using your time comfortably.

Herewith children here is our list of 6 historical and cultural areas that you should see on your Edirne trip:

1. Selimiye Mosque
2. Old Mosque
3. Places where the old bazaar is
4. Balkan Cemetery and Fatih Bridge
5. Kırkpınar picnic area
6. Meriç River
7. Osmanoğulları ice cream shop at the exit of Meriç River (7th be from me. I especially recommend it to those who love Roman ice cream. Very close to the bridge on the Meriç River, you can see this ice cream shop on the left side of the road before entering the bridge. came)

Old bazaar

Yes, we have determined the places we will visit in Edirne. Now it is time for 16 important information for Edirne trip with children:

1. Start your tour at Selimiye Mosque in the morning. From here, you can walk to the Old Mosque and the Arasta Bazaar (they also call it the old bazaar).
2. It is useful to park your car in the parking lots around the mosque or in the streets.
3. Tasting almond butter from Arzlanzade inside the bazaar. You can buy souvenirs on a short tour in the bazaar. Soaps and marzipan are among the famous gifts of this place.
4. If Edirne is visited, of course, leaf liver should not be returned without being eaten. My recommendation for this is “Aydın Cigerci”. It is just opposite Kırkpınar restaurant. It is sold in two different shops. You will see long queues in front of them. You get in line and get the kids to a table. It is a little troublesome to wait, but I strongly recommend it, do not return without eating. It is worth it while the children are already having a feast.

5. II. Follow the signs with your vehicle for the Bayezid Complex and Healing Museum.
6. Then drive for 2 km to the Kırkpınar recreation area. This place was a bit disappointing for me;) (Everywhere is neglected, there is no guidance/information about places to visit) But you can go around with children to show the places where wrestling takes place. You can see “Balkan Martyrdom, Edirne Palace ruins and Fatih Bridge” in this promenade area. After leaving your vehicle in front of the Edirne Palace ruins, you can visit the area with children and take photos on the historical bridge.
7. Go back to Selimiye Mosque and turn right at the first lights after the round in the square. Yes, the way to Meriç River starts … Follow the road straight, you will be reached immediately.
8. Before entering the bridge, stop on the left at the Roman ice cream shop called “Osmanoğulları”. Get your hands on a variety of ice cream. A ball is 1 TL, like a joke !!!
9. Continue through the ice cream parlor. Yes, the Meriç river is great, but if you want to see the Lausanne Monument and museum, continue in the direction of Karaağaç. Karaağaç, which is 3 km away, is also worth seeing. You can also see the old Greek houses, the old train station (now the university). Afterward, breathe in the cafes and tea gardens.

Trakya University, Lausanne Monument, and sculptures at the university

10. On the way back to the Meriç River, you will see many phaetons and cyclists. If you want, you can also reach Karaağaç in this way. Of course, in order to go with the children, you need to be able to get them on the bike.
11. Finally, choose one of the tea gardens or restaurants lined up along the Meriç River. Lalezar Restaurant is among the most admired. You can also take your dinner here and go on the way back.
12. On the Edirne-Istanbul motorway, there can be traffic density after Silivri, especially on Fridays and Sundays during the summer season. If you are returning during the week, in the direction of Bahçeşehir-Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge, there may be heavy traffic on the motorway in the evening at the exit hours.
13. The way to go can take 3-4 hours after leaving Istanbul. In the case of children, it takes 3 hours with breaks. There are many parking spaces on the highway. There is always a café and gas station in these parking lots. (Edirne-Istanbul: 235 km)
14. If you find people selling colored paste in front of Selimiye Mosque, don’t miss it. How many of us take care of this candy secretly from our teachers when we are little;))
15. If you are planning a trip to Edirne with a baby and children, you can easily travel everywhere with a stroller. There are markets, grocery stores, and cafes in most places. If you are thinking of just a day trip, your time will not be enough to visit all the museums. For this reason, you can easily see the six points determined by the Aegean.
16. If you want to see cultural trips, historical trips, weather changes, or natural beauties, you can plan a day trip with your family or maybe a two-day weekend trip to Edirne. We think the best times are every period of the year. But my recommendation for trips with children is in the spring. So you can go anywhere with a stroller or walk with the kids.

Meric River

During our trip, the Aegean shared stories about many places, especially the mosque and Kırkpınar. For example, based on these stories, We found the reverse tulip. He told us the legend about where Kırkpınar’s name came from, but nowadays we haven’t found much spring. Maybe we couldn’t see it. He explained how Şükrü Pasha resisted the enemy for 3 months in the Balkan Wars but had to surrender when help did not come. (We could not visit the shelters related to Şükrü Pasha. If you go, it is right at the entrance of the city.)

These stories told by the Aegean once again showed us how devoted and heroically our country breathes. We reached Istanbul by singing all the anthems we know along the way back … Ten years anthem, the most glorious army, the most glorious soldier …

Our city of serhat, where we will come to see again at the first opportunity, where the old and the new life together … Goodbye for now;))

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