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Travel Restriction in Europe

Corona The fact that the virus is a rapidly spreading virus has brought the necessity of taking new measures every day. About the subjectEuropeThe Union also made a statement and prepared a regulation stating that it would impose restrictions on unnecessary travel for third-country citizens for 30 days. The fact that the leaders of the European Union members approved the prepared regulation made the decision valid.

Meeting Announced with Press Conference

At the point of taking the decision, first, a telecommunication meeting was held with the leaders, and then the President of the European Council Charles Michel and the President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leye announced the decision by holding a press conference.

Stating at the meeting held yesterday that they accepted the decisions of the leaders to temporarily close the border, Michel announced to everyone that due to the new type of coronavirus, temporary travels to EU member countries and non-EU countries in the Schengen Area were restricted for 30 days.

“We Support the Process Related to Covid-19 Treatment”

Stating that they will support the whole process of finding Corona’s treatment at the press conference, Michel noted that they will speed up the process of finding a vaccine.

Speaking in addition to Michel, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated that they accepted every decision that includes closing the borders, supporting the economy, making joint public procurement, and developing packages supporting research.

Another Agenda of the Meeting was Internal Borders

Leyen added that another agenda of the meeting was internal borders and the bottlenecks experienced. Stating that it is important to open the density on the internal borders, Leyen said that Europeans have difficulty in going to their homes in other countries, this situation creates traffic at the borders, and that there are problems in the transfer of goods due to this traffic. He added that the supply of imported goods is very important for the functioning of the domestic market.

Emphasizing that the economic effects of the epidemic are really great, Leyen said that they will take new steps to take precautions and protect the economy from the effects of the virus.

Stating that their biggest enemy is the virus at the moment, Leyen ended the meeting by noting that they have to do the best to raise the public and protect the economy.

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