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What can and cannot be carried in hand luggage?

Knowing what you can carry in your hand luggage before traveling will save you inconvenience at airports.

In this article, we will review the maximum weights allowed, the main restrictions and prohibitions, in trips with the main Mexican airlines.

We include the conditions and limitations towards the United States and Europe, two of the most frequent destinations for passengers from Mexico and the rest of the American continent.

What can and cannot be carried in hand luggage at Volaris Mexico?

Volaris accepts one carry-on baggage with a maximum average of 33 x 40 x 57 cm and 10 kg in weight.

By provision of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), as of March 15, 2017, only two handpieces per passenger are allowed on board, on all flights to and from the United States and Puerto Rico.

Restricted luggage, what you cannot carry in hand luggage

The following items can be carried in your checked baggage, but not in your carry-on:

1. Aerosols.

2. Diving tanks.

3. Electrical equipment.

Forbidden baggage, what you cannot carry in hand luggage or checked baggage

You cannot carry the following items in your carry-on baggage, neither in the checked one:

  • Gasoline, methanol, kerosene, lighter fluids, aerosol paints, liquid alcohols, adhesives, polishes, oven and pipe cleaners, solvents and other liquids (organic peroxides, nitro-methane or another additive), flammable solids (magnesium, hexamine)
  • Batteries or accumulators, including those for vehicular use and for wheelchair mobility aids or devices with similar characteristics.
  • Chlorine for industrial and domestic use, including chlorine for swimming pools and tubs; clothing bleaches, and disinfectants.
  • Pistol-shaped lighters and those for domestic use that exceed 9 cm.
  • Friction ignition matches on any surface.
  • Toxic or infectious chemical, biological and radiological materials or substances, classified as Dangerous Goods (poisons and similar products of a toxic nature, blood and other infected body fluids, biopsies, medicinal or commercial isotopes, laboratory samples, anti-doping test samples).
  • Oxygen cylinders for medical use.
  • Hoverboards and self-balancing boards that use lithium and / or lithium ion batteries.

How many kilos can I carry in Volaris hand luggage?

Volaris accepts 2 carry-on bags weighing a maximum of 10 kg (22 pounds) together on all its national and international routes. Each must be standard size, not exceeding 57 x 40 x 33 cm (22.4 x 15.7 x 12.9 inches).

All other objects that are carried in the cabin such as bags, briefcases, backpacks, electronic equipment, cameras, diaper bags, and the like, are considered to establish the weight of 10 kg or 22 pounds admissible in hand luggage, without additional charge.

Volaris also offers the following options for hand luggage.

Baggage that exceeds the standard size
If one of the pieces of hand luggage exceeds the standard size, the traveler can check it as a cargo bag, adding more weight if desired and paying the corresponding cost.

Can you pay extra to carry more weight in your hand luggage on Volaris?

Yes, paying the corresponding fee as long as the additional kilos fit into the 2 standard size pieces allowed.

Airline customers can travel with 20 kg by hand, instead of 10, which makes the trip easier, since they generally do not have to check bags.

The weight added to hand luggage during the flight acquisition process has other advantages for the passenger:

1. Priority to enter the cabin.

2. Priority to use the cabin compartments in cases of low availability.

You can add weight through the different mechanisms used to acquire the ticket (airline portal, APP Volaris, when printing the boarding pass).

What is the Volaris clean rate?

The Volaris clean fare has been created to lower the price of the flight for passengers who want to do without things they do not need.

Costs for extra luggage, food service onboard and other expendable expenses are subtracted from the regular rate, to obtain a cheaper clean rate.

How much does Volaris charge per bag?

Volaris passengers are entitled to 2 pieces of carry-on baggage not exceeding 10 kilos altogether and one piece of checked baggage with a maximum of 25 kg (55 pounds), whose total dimension (sum of the length, width and height ) does not exceed 158 cm (68 inches).

Other benefits that Volaris passengers can opt for are payment with INVEX and the addition of checked baggage.

Payment with Volaris INVEX
Volaris INVEX is a credit card issued by Banco INVEX that benefits its account holders in Mexico.

The purchase of any national or international Volaris flight with this card grants the passenger the following benefits:

An additional 10 kg (22 pounds) of carry-on luggage, for a total of 20.
One additional checked bag of a maximum of 35 kg (77 pounds), for a total of 60 kg (132 pounds) of cargo baggage.

Checked baggage aggregation
Volaris allows you to check up to 5 suitcases of 25 kg (55 pounds) each as cargo baggage, as long as they maintain the total restriction of a maximum of 158 cm (62 inches) in each piece and paying the corresponding fees. This option allows customers to carry up to 125 kg (275 pounds) in cargo.

You will save more if you make use of this option before the flight date and you can manage it through the different means of acquiring airline tickets.

How much does it cost to check a suitcase on Volaris at the airport?
If the suitcase is kept within the weight and dimensional limit of 25 kg (55 pounds) and 158 cm (68 inches), respectively, the passenger will not have to pay extra charges at the airport for baggage documentation.

Excesses of over 25 kg in checked luggage and over 10 kg in hand luggage will be paid according to the airline’s overweight rates.

Only Volaris personnel are authorized to tag luggage at the airport. The passenger must verify that the baggage claim tickets that remain in their possession have the correct information.

How long before can it be documented in Volaris?

The documentation at the airport for Volaris flights must be:

1. National trips (Mexico): at least 2 hours in advance of the designated departure time.

2. International trips: at least 3 hours in advance of the designated departure time.

How much liquid can I carry in my hand luggage on Volaris?

Liquids and the like such as gels and creams must be in containers of the maximum of 100 ml (3.4 ounces), protected in a transparent self-closing bag. Those that exceed that measure are not allowed even if they contain only that amount of liquid or less.

Items prohibited in Air Europa hand luggage

  • Weapons.
  • Tools.
  • Blunt objects.
  • Penetrating objects.
  • Small vehicles powered by lithium batteries.
  • Restricted items in Air Europa hand luggage
  • Liquids in hand luggage cannot be in presentations of more than 100 ml and must be separated in transparent bags to facilitate inspection.

The sum of all liquid containers cannot exceed one liter.

We are sure that this guide will help you prepare your hand luggage for the next flight, avoiding inconvenience.

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