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What do you arrange well before departure? Travel

Time for Travel:

The time for your travel / vacation can be quite hectic. You still have to arrange a lot. And you certainly don’t want to forget anything. I’ll give you travel tips. You can use them as a list to check out what you have already done. This way you start your journey relaxed.

  1. Passport. Your passport often needs to be valid for 6 months after leaving the country.
  2. Visa. Check if you need a visa. Can you arrange it on arrival? How long is the visa valid?
  3. Sometimes you get 30 days on arrival, while if you arrange it in advance it can be longer. Check the embassy’s website, they provide the only correct information at that time. Are you already arranging
  4. it in the Netherlands? It can sometimes take a month before you get your passport back. Or there is only open 1 day a week to arrange it. Bring extra passport photos
  5. Travel and health insurance. Find out what you want and need to insure. Double or over insurance is pointless.
  6. Vaccinations. Which vaccinations should be? Which are recommended. Some only work after a few weeks. You will receive some in 2 to 3 times. Check it out on time.
  7. Make copies of your passport and the most important numbers and telephone numbers. I have pictures of it on my phone and emailed it to myself. I always have a color copy of my passport with me
  8. Tickets. Especially your plane ticket. Do you have it on paper? A copy? The company’s app is super handy. Or email your ticket.
  9. Book a hotel for the first night. You will be tired from the journey. It is nice if you already have an address to go to.
  10. Check the weather at your destination. You will want to bring the right clothes.
  11. Bank card and Credit card. Do they work at your destination? What are the withdrawal limits?
  12. Emergency money. I always have some cash usd and euros with me. Just in case.
  13. Electronics. Make sure everything is fully charged before you leave.
  14. the best navigation app. Download the app and maps already at home. Mark your hotel on the map already.
  15. Book tickets already. Do you already know what you want to see or do at the destination?
  16. Book a ticket in advance. Some popular attractions have sold out months before the time. For example Alcatraz, Anne Frank museum, Robben Island etc.
  17. Register your trip online with foreign affairs. You will then receive a message if something changes in the country in terms of security
  18. Pen. Bring a notebook and pen. Useful for scribbles, addresses or telephone numbers, note number plate.

All settled? How nice. The administration is ready. Now on to the things you want to take with you.

I have several travel tips blogs and almost every blog has a YouTube video.

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