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What does a year of travel cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions to me was: What cost you a year of traveling?

Obviously also a burning question for people planning to travel. What does it cost?

A question that cannot be answered unambiguously. It depends very much in which season you travel. Which countries or continents you visit. Which transport you choose. What kind of accommodation etc.

Roughly speaking, a year of travel costs between euros 10,000 and 30,000 per year.

In the 2 years that I traveled, I spent about 20,000 euros a year. Partly because I have combined expensive and cheaper countries. I also did housesitting in between. And I never actually cooked while traveling.

My most expensive month was in America. That month cost me about USD 5,000. Partly because I rented a car for 24 days. Since I travel alone, the car rental and petrol are quite high costs. If you have a travel companion, you can share those costs.

My cheapest month was in Laos. That whole month cost me about USD 1,500. Includes bed, food, activities and transport.

What huge differences in expenditure.

For me, the more expensive countries were America, Belize, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

The cheaper countries were Laos, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala.

If you are going to travel, I have a golden tip for you:

Do as much as you want to do if your budget allows. If you skip something and you regret traveling to that country again afterwards, it will be more expensive. So better do it right in one go.


Staying at home also costs money!

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