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What is a tour guide and what are its functions?

A tour guide is the “face” of a country, an ambassador of the culture that is visited, is the “spokesman” and “contemporary minstrel” of the historical echo that resonates through the present reality: buildings, constructions, traditions, songs, and any other current manifestation that is part of the tangible and intangible assets of a nation in a given space; in other words, it is the cultural ambassador of a country formally recognized to carry out such work.

The mission of the tourist guide is to inform and interpret the heritage, the assets of cultural and natural interest, and other tourist resources of the specific scope of action to tourists and visitors, in an attractive way, interacting with them and awakening their interest, as well as presenting them Accompaniment and assistance services, using, if necessary, the English language and/or another foreign language, so that they feel cared for at all times, their expectations of information and recreational enjoyment are met, and the objectives of the organizing entity of the service.

The tour guide is an enthusiastic host who is always ready to offer hospitality to special clients (national and/or international tourists); generally, he is an inveterate traveler who enjoys the company of other people, knowing different cultures, learning other ways of life and interpreting the world; He is a self-taught and disciplined person who is in constant search of new, exotic and fascinating places that enrich his vast repertoire of memories of the experience.

The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico defines the tourist guide as “the natural person who provides the national or foreign tourist, orientation and professional information on the tourist and cultural heritage and attractions related to tourism, as well as assistance services; which can provide its services under the modality of general guide or specialized guide in a specific cultural topic or locality.

For its part, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) defined the tourist guide as “the person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of the area, which regularly has a specific qualification. on the said zone, generally recognized by the competent authority ”.

Some of the tour guide’s skills are:

  • Interpret the heritage and assets of cultural interest, natural spaces, and other assets within the scope of action to tourists and visitors.
  • Provide support and assistance services to tourists and visitors, and design tourist itineraries.
  • Communicate in a foreign language other than the mother tongue, with a competent user level, in tourist guide and entertainment services.

Functions of the Tour Guide

General function: it is responsible for the reception, coordination, orientation, information, assistance, and animation of national and international visitors in the language of their choice.

Specific functions:

  • Reception of national and foreign visitors.
  • Accompaniment of tourists.
  • Budget management of tour expenses.
  • Supervision of the transport unit.
  • Preparation of reports or tour reports.
  • Provide the receiving public with truthful, objective, and clear information.
  • Within the tour itinerary, coordination of services and products.
  • Tourist assistance, first aid, and, if necessary, coordination of the tourist’s admission to hospital services.
  • Travel agencies or tour operators have the duty to execute the activities on time.
  • Control of the group of visitors regarding regulations, restrictions, or necessary precautions in the development of activities within the tour.
  • Demonstration or explanation of the area during group entertainment.
  • Logistics of the route between the tourist and the tour operator, considering the time allocated to each attraction and/or activity

In order to offer an efficient tour within the specific functions, there is also administrative management, which implies ensuring that all hotels, restaurants, transportation, tickets, and shows included in the travel plan are fulfilled, and to achieve this requires that these services are confirmed over and over again. Even if you have a confirmed reservation, the guide must contact the provider one week, one day, and one hour before each stop.

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